Vaayu Media Total Broadcast So​lutions

Our services, which are offered across India, are as follows:

Channel Placement/Distribution – We ensure large scale viewership of your television channels by efficiently distributing it across cable networks in a cost-effective manner, thus minimizing your time and monetary investment in the process.


Channel Monitoring/Mapping /Market Research – In today’s competitive environment, it is important to map channel performance and customer satisfaction. This continuous monitoring alerts clients to changes in the viewership pattern and the industry. Vaayu Media monitors television channels to provide up-to-date information on their standing. We will track the performance of your television channel and help you adapt it for maximum growth and profits. We do provide Customised Audience Research Report also.


Production and programming – Got a creative idea for a television show? Our team at Vaayu Media will assist in pitching your ideas to TV channels and work with you hand in hand to turn your creative dream into a reality. Our 
Existing programmes is "Mr.Makke" short comedy episodes.