Vaayu Media

Our expertize include organized distribution, marketing and programming of television channels across India. Vaayu Media develops new and innovative strategies to build and retain your company’s position in the market. Our services also include market research in the form of channel monitoring / mapping.

With the advent of television and brodcast in the global arena, there exists a fierce and continuous competition to get viewers attention and stand out in the cut-throat television broadcasting industry. Besides, with scores of Indian travelling and settling abroad the scope for Indian content is increasing. Primarily we are looking at countries where there is a huge demand for Indian content. 

Our organisation mainly specializes in distribution of 

1. Indian TV channels (National and Regional languages)
2. Indian Films (Hindi and Southern languages)

In this regard,  broadcasters worldwide are increasingly adopting various branding strategies in order to differentiate themselves from competitors and to build long-term relationships with viewers. We ensure you to offer these services at most competative prices thus you can cut cost in terms of investment and still enjoy the perks. 

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